Art That Inspires Fragmented Galaxy

While you wait for the next build of Fragmented Galaxy, I thought I would share some of the art that inspires me to create. 


A wonderful place to see myriad visions of the future, near and far, are at concept ships. Sometimes these perspectives are wacky and other-worldly but that just goes to show that science fiction really has no bounds. I hope to explore a bit myself with Fragmented Galaxy. 

BURYAT's concept art portrays sleek yet simple ships. To me they look like the ships that a version of humanity that has mastered space-flight might create. Visit his blog for more than is displayed on the linked page. 

Simon Stålenhag has a number of excellent series depicting the world if technology had developed differently into the 70's and 80's. His work includes technology with a simple, if weathered look. I highly recommend looking at his galleries! 


I usually listen to music while I develop. My Programming playlist on Spotify include all the jams that power me through my late night sessions writing code or tweaking textures. I generally like epic movie and game soundtracks but the odd single does sneak in from time to time. 


Recently I watched a short film that has been making its rounds on "the social medias" and I though I would share it here as well. Wanderers is a short film by Erik Wernquist that tugs at your heartstrings and makes you think about where humanity's place in the stars is. 

A simple and luxurious version of humanity in space is Star Trek. (movies and TV series) There are plenty of space battles and politics but the Federation is really what makes it one of my inspirations. It is jockeying for position with the major powers around it and managing its expanse rather successfully. It is a masterpiece of 4X game mid-game action. The shows' views on technology make you think about what is possible for us to achieve. 

Babylon 5 (sorry for the terrible link, there isn't an official website for the show) depicted relations between various nations (read: alien species) with deals being struck, assassinations, and wars. The intrigue is exhilarating! One refreshing novelty is that the ships were shown with more realistic movements than other shows set in space. 


The top of my games list is Homeworld 2. The control scheme was unique to the type of game-play it presented and the story was intriguing. I only wish I had more insight into the technology or some back-story because it seems like that universe would led itself to more fleshing-out. A re-mastered edition is in development now. 

My favorite view of the rough-and tumble frontier and intricate politics comes from the first Mass Effect, mostly before the Reapers are introduced. (sorry Reapers) I loved the way the council bickered and the relationships between the major and minor powers. The story was so deep and there was so much to discover. The rich history of the galaxy and especially humanity's first steps into the the galactic social order, were so immersing that I lost myself in the game for many hours reading back-story. 

My favorite turn-based strategy game series is Civilization. Seeing the empire you craft with your own hands over the millennia is so satisfying that I often go back for more. Since every game is different it has immense replayability and it embodies many of the properties I want the larger game-play for Fragmented Galaxy. 

Sim City 4 lets you manage resources in a similar manner to Civilization in a real-time environment and on a smaller scale. 

Kerbal Space Program is the last entry on my giant list. I play a bunch of the sandbox mode. The ability to launch fairly realistic rockets and pilot spacecraft in a world where orbital dynamics exist is amazing. Words can't explain it, just go and try it for yourself!