Fragmented Galaxy To-Do List

These are the things I want to to with Fragmented Galaxy. Some are short term goals, others are far in the future. In general I try to order them so the more urgent items are at the top. I will try my hardest to make lots of small, rapid releases but some systems are larger than others. You won't know when a new build is coming out until very shortly beforehand. 

When things are completed they will be put onto the Version History

Note that this is being moved to the Bitbucket issue tracker over time. If you see something missing on this page during the transition, check on the issue tracker to see if it has been migrated. 

Future Releases

  • Combat system. 
  • Ship modification system. 
  • Destruction system. 
  • Galaxy generation. 
    • Multi-level system. 
    • Stars, planets, tiles, resources. 
    • Visual bubble system (Unity can't handle the entire galaxy in a single scene... or can it?). 
  • World persistence (save/load). 
  • Economy. 
  • Technology. 
  • AI opponents. 
  • Networked multi-player. 
  • Campaign mode. 
    • Story. 
  • Cinematic controls. 
    • Depth of field. 
    • FOV.