1.0.4 - 2014/08/31

  • New ship!
    • More detailed. 
    • Navigation lights. 
    • Randomly colored decals. 
    • Random ship ID. 
    • Logo on the ship. 
    • An icon is displayed at the ship's position at extreme distance.
    • LOD system for the ship!  
  • Ship now tries to go back to where it was if something runs into it. 
  • Add a button to stop the ship. 
  • Fixed some of the shadow flickering. 
  • Asteroid count is up (1000) and the position indicators are only visible when relevant. 
  • Added a button to regenerate the scene. 
  • Removed button highlights when pressing arrow keys. 
  • Added a loading screen so the game doesn't look like it is frozen while loading. 
  • Fixed an issue that would make the Good quality setting run at half the FPS as the Fantastic setting. 

Tristan Bellman-Greenwood

10101 Software, Lawrence, MA, 01843, United States