Welcome Back!

A new year, a new website, it seems. 


I am currently hard at work at Kiva Systems but in my spare time I program for fun and sometimes (read: rarely) create something decent. 

I am working on a few projects using Unity 3D. I call my project development process 'project-ception' because I will start something then make a smaller game to investigate a problem in my main objective, then deeper and deeper. It never ends. 

However, the Unity 3D Asset Store has helped me out a ton. For a few dollars I can get a re-usable module that I don't need to re-invent. That helps me stay interested and make progress more quickly. 

And, it helps me actually get something released. Speaking of which, check out the prototype for a space-based RTS control scheme I created. 


I haven't blogged in a few years (since during college) and wanted to start again now that I am making prototypes that I feel comfortable showing the Internet. My old schedule was once per month, I think? I might want to do something at least weekly now but the schedule is likely going to depend on interest. 


Welcome to my corner of the Internet, 



P.S. Bear with me as I adjust to Squarespace. Pages may move and change color in the interim.