1.2.0 - 2015/01/11


  • Updated to the latest Unity 5 beta. (18)
  • Overhauled the UI/world cursor detection system.
  • Added individual quality settings. 
  • Added real-time reflections. (results may vary by playform)
  • Added a FOV zoom toggle. (double-click mouse3)


  • Increased default vignette effect. 
  • Decreased default chromatic aberration effect. 
  • Added more stars. 
  • Made the lights on the ships look better when close to the camera. 
  • Tweaked the physics material of the asteroids so they behave more like rocks. 
  • Changed the movement planner to only move vertically when in the alternate mode. 
  • Increase the detail on the ship texture. 
  • Changed ship rotation to be based on torque instead of magic. 
  • Split the main camera.
    • Near (1 m - 1000 m) camera is the original camera with a reduced draw range which increases shadow quality. 
    • Far (1 km - 10 km) camera renders no shadows which makes rendering faster for distant objects. 
  • Y-axis indicators now key off the selected ship(s) y coordinate while the user is planning moves. 


  • Fixed the camera follow not working when the mouse is over the UI. 
  • Fixed the random color generator favoring pink/purple. 
  • Fixed the cargo ship ID tag z-fighting. (mostly fixed but this is a function of how far away the ship is away from the origin)
  • Flipped navigation light colors on ships to reflect real-world navigation lights. 
  • Removed unintentional rotation drag on the new ships.