1.3.0 - 2015/02/12


  • Added UI organization of ship fleets. 
  • Added some basic metrics collection (asks for consent first). 


  • Slight UI reorganization. 
  • Removed default Unity UI textures. 
  • Extended the rage at which icons will be rendered to 10 km from 1 km. 
  • Made single selection easier if your mouse moves while selecting. 
  • Added a bright sphere to the 'sun' so it doesn't act like a point. 
  • Switched color space to linear from Gamma. 
  • Changed tone mapping method for higher contrast. 
  • Reflections now default to off because I cannot ensure that they will work on all platforms. 


  • Fixed the reflections flickering. (still might not work on all platforms, hopefully this is fixed in the next version of the Unity 5 beta)
  • Made clicking on a ship icon to select a ship more reliable. 
  • Moved chromatic aberration to after tone-mapping in the pipeline to reduce artifacts around bright objects with hard edges. 
  • Fixed the focus button moving the camera when nothing is selected.