1.4.0 - 2015/09/13


  • Added credits for all Unity Asset Store assets used in Fragmented Galaxy. 
  • Added a floating-origin system to display distant objects such as planets. 
  • Added a gas giant that spawns in a random location nearby. 


  • Removed multiple cameras rendering the near world. This fixes many issues but reduces shadow quality. 
  • Selecting a single object that is in a fleet now selects the entire fleet. If the fleet is selected already, the single objects is selected. 
  • Upgraded to Unity 5.2. 
  • Updated all currently used Unity Asset Store assets. 
  • The randomly assigned team color is now limited to more saturated colors. 


  • Fixed ships spinning with ever-increasing vigor when flipped upside-down. 
  • Fixed the metrics collection consent dialog sometimes not closing. 
  • Fixed the camera shaking when focused on a fleet. 
  • Fixed the fleet organization button saying 'Reinforce' after merging fleets. 
  • Fixed ship lines not appearing when the mouse is over a ship icon. 

Known Issues

  • When un-focusing a selected object, no more commands can be given to the selected object until de-selecting and re-selecting the object. 
  • Lines with one point far off-camera aren't always drawn correctly. 
  • While focused on a moving object, far and distant objects appear to 'jitter' in the sky. 
  • Performance is bad when the camera moves. Necessary until a better floating-origin system is devised.