Bitbucket Migration

Well, hello again. 

I just finished moving my code and assets to Bitbucket, an excellent project tracker and remote repository from Atlassian. I am particularly fond of Atlassian products and was previously using Stash to track my changes. Unfortunately I was using Dropbox for my cloud backups and my available size is about to shrink there. I was already eyeing Bitbucket due to the integrated issue tracker and wiki but the Dropbox issue forced me. 

Fear not that I have been neglecting the next release of Fragmented Galaxy. Fleets are well on their way! I already have much of the organizational functionality I wanted for the first iteration so I might just push out a build before coordinated movement makes it in. I will be moving the To Do page to the new issue tracker on Bitbucket soon, probably at the next public build. 

That segue's nicely into my next topic. I made the issue tracker public so anyone can report issues that I don't find in my testing. Check it out here. Report any issues you find. It will help me create a better game over time.